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The Facebook Syndrome Part 1

Last week a friend came running to me (not literally) crying and mumbling inaudible words that no man on Earth could understand her. Cooling her down and finally, got to listen the whole story, nothing but the truth. She has a Facebook account just to keep abreast with technology and her circle of techie, recently graduated friends (more yuppies than techie  to me..). Anyway, she has been using her Facebook account to idolize and post imaginary daily entries regarding her idol, a singer from a local indie band that I never even know existed. What band? She said the band was one of the highlights of a TV3’s Juara Lagu. Erk… as if that’s gonna help. She rolled her eyes and started to drag the attention back to her.

“Well, I kinda have a feeling towards him and to marry him is not the only “thing” I’ve said in my post. I’ve been saying lots of other “sensitive” and “imaginary” stuff between us.” she said. What? In that publicly exposed Facebook of yours? She nodded and told me that the band’s fans created a Facebook hate page especially for her. I gave her the “I told you so” look. Apparently, she did try to state her case with the fans (not hers!) but then profanity ensued and things started to fall apart fairly quickly after that.

Keeping up-to-date with technology, especially in social networking sites, is good. You get the chance to rekindle old friendship, find new friends and get to share many cool stuff with them just by sitting in front of your computer. However, you have to be wary with whatever you posted on the Internet. It’s a jungle out there! Spiteful angry people in real life is just as bad online, or maybe even worse. Be careful with whom you share your personal info and thoughts. Get more information from http://www.facebook.com/security?v=app_10442206389.

Remember to seriously think of what you are posting and with whom you share it on Facebook. Especially if the information is sensitive or personal in nature. You can learn more about how to control your information on Facebook, including how to choose an audience for each and every post you make, in Facebook Privacy Guide. http://www.facebook.com/security?v=app_ 10442206389#!/privacy/explanation.php.

Did you know that you can also report to Facebook if you feel intimidated over anything posted in there? How? Better catch my next posting then.

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