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Digi’s MiFi WiFi (that is a lot of “i” in one serving.. :P)

Last Friday, The Star’s TechCentral reported on Digi’s latest initiative in mobile Internet. This time through its MiFi – a mobile WiFi portable wireless router. The size of the MiFI device was said to be that of a mobile phone, complete with a SIM card slot. It works just like any other WiFi routers where users can share their mobile Internet connection with others who are connected to the device.

So far it claimed to support up to five different WiFi-enabled devices. I suppose a five-node support would be sufficient if you’re meeting up with some friends in places with limited Internet connectivity. It’s just that I cannot imagine where actually since Internet connectivity is hardly the case in most friend-meeting areas. Even mamak joints have been providing 2 to 4 MB Streamyx nowadays (at least around my area..).

But let us give the gadget the benefit of the doubt. A more likely scenario would be for personal use. Perhaps you are one of those tech geeks who have all these cool gadget that just somehow need to be connected to the Internet, all at the same time. 😛 Say, you have a laptop,  so you plug in the MiFi and put all the other Internet-enabled devices you own like your iPhone, PSP, Nintendo DS, etc. nearby and point them all to the MiFi’s WiFi. If you like, spare the fifth connection for your brother or sister. And.. presto! They are all connected! Ok.. that would be cool.

But Digi will have to back this device with an exceptional (read: acceptable) Internet connection speed (I am assuming MiFi will only be using their SIM). Coz I’m just about had it with Malaysia mobile broadband providers. I have my own fair share of nightmare with Maxis and I’m sure some of you do too. These guys.. they really do stretch the “best effort basis” caveat to the max.

I guess there will be other needs for such a device, besides for Internet connection sharing. It is a router nonetheless. Maybe I can use it for a quick wireless LAN. No need for bulky Belkin or Windows ad-hoc network. The next time I need to demo a web application from a local copy,  maybe I can just tie it to Apache and ask audiences with WiFi-enabled laptops to browse to Hmm.. I need to pre-book this thing for the department. I’m sure the boss will agree to this.

Anyway, I will post more info as and when I have them.

Until then, safe surfing!

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