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Facebook Syndrome Part 2

Remember the friend that came running crying to me for a hate page was created by an indie group’s fan club that hated her guts for saying she is married to the singer and etc etc etc. No this is not the movie “The King and I”. Mmmm… I reiterated her guts and the hate page issue to a friend and she told her husband that told another friend that told her cousin’s wife that told another cousin that told a friend that he met during a workshop he attended last month. Arrr… that is all done online… in Facebook. Yea… yea the power of communicating online via facebook. The last of the friend looked at the hate page and felt pity to my first friend (remember that came crying). What you can do is to report to Facebook admin. Use the button “Report Page” at the left side of the facebook page before the “Share” button. That can be found towards the end of all information ie the friends/fan, photos etc etc etc.

You can report to facebook admin but it has to be genuine and with valid reason. It should also falls under the category – pornography/nudity, impersonating me or someone I know, racist/hate speech, targets me or a friend, direct call for violence, excessive gore or violent content or spam. If you feel any page falls under one of this category, why not report and the facebook admin will consider and voila… the page is no longer there if the report is really valid within 24 hours. Probably that was what he did and facebook admin agreed.

So people … as Uncle Ben in Spiderman movie said “With great power comes great responsibility.” Great responsibility in sending messages online indeed not only to yourself but also to your “friends” not limited to FB. Thank you friends for your commitment, loyalty and responsibility! Happy Father’s Day.

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